Amanda Barrie Age Wiki
69 Years
Full Name Amanda Barrie
Birthday Sep 14, 1953
Age 69 Years
Profession Dancer
Nationality British
Height 6 feet 1 inch

About Amanda Barrie

Amanda Barrie is one of the reputed names of the Hollywood Industry. She spends almost 6 decades in the industry and has continuously given entertainment to the audience to date. She started as a dancer in her initial career and later moved to act. One of the renowned roles in her career is Alma Sedgewick

People Also Asked For

When was Amanda Barrie born?

Amanda Barrie was born on Sep 14, 1953.

How old is Amanda Barrie?

Amanda Barrie is 69 years old.

What is the birth name of Amanda Barrie?

Amanda Barrie birth name is Shirley Anne Broadbent.

Where was Amanda Barrie born?

Amanda Barrie was born in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside, Greater Manchester, UK.

Who is the father of Amanda Barrie?

The father of Amanda Barrie is Hubert Broadbent.

Who is the mother of Amanda Barrie?

The mother of Amanda Barrie is Connie Broadbent.

What is the color of Amanda Barrie's eye?

Amanda Barrie eye color is Dark Brown.

What is the color of Amanda Barrie's hair?

Amanda Barrie hair color is Blonde.

What is the net worth of Amanda Barrie?

The net worth of Amanda Barrie is $3 Million.

What is the salary of Amanda Barrie?

The salary of Amanda Barrie is $5K (Per Episode).