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Allison Milner

38 Years
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Allison Milner

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Allison Milner was a famous researcher as well as the Deputy Director of the Disability and Health Unit, Melbourne School Population and Global Health, the University of Melbourne. Her areas of research interest included the influence of gender, employment characteristics, quality of work, and occupation as determinants of mental health and suicide. She focused on specific employed groups that may be particularly likely to face disadvantages, such as blue-collar workers in the manufacturing and construction industry. Allison’s work ranged across a number of externally-funded etiologic and intervention projects. She worked with key policy stakeholders to promote research on the link between work and mental health, and was the co-chair for an international panel of researchers aiming to promote workplace suicide prevention. She was awarded the Victorian Health and Medical Research Fellowship for her work on gender, employment and mental health. Her project focused on male-dominated occupational groups in particular. In this work, she was progressing the concept of “gendered working environments” as a cause of health inequalities for men and women. She was part of the advisory committee for the Longitudinal Study of Australian Men (“Ten to Men” cohort) and the National Academic Director of the world’s only national workplace suicide prevention charity, MATES in Construction. She was also a national board member of MATES in Construction and chair the national academic reference groups connected to the organization. She is internationally recognized as a world leader in the area of workplace suicide prevention and is involved in multiple intervention studies on this topic across Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Overall, she was a very talented woman.

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