Alix Klineman Age Wiki
33 Years
Full Name Alix Klineman
Birthday Dec 30, 1989
Age 33 Years
Profession Beach Volleyball Player
Nationality American
Height 1.96 m (6 ft and 5 in)

About Alix Klineman

Alexandra Rose Klineman, professionally known as Alix Klineman is an American beach volleyball player and former indoor volleyball player. She started playing indoor volleyball at an early age. She was named Gatorade National Player of the Year in 2006. She later played indoor volleyball at Standford University where she was a four-time All-American. She was

People Also Asked For

When was Alix Klineman born?

Alix Klineman was born on Dec 30, 1989.

How old is Alix Klineman?

Alix Klineman is 33 years old.

What is the birth name of Alix Klineman?

Alix Klineman birth name is Alexandra Rose Klineman.

Where was Alix Klineman born?

Alix Klineman was born in Torrance, California.

Who is the father of Alix Klineman?

The father of Alix Klineman is Mike Klineman.

Who is the mother of Alix Klineman?

The mother of Alix Klineman is Kathie Klineman.

What is the color of Alix Klineman's eye?

Alix Klineman eye color is Hazel.

What is the color of Alix Klineman's hair?

Alix Klineman hair color is Blonde.

What is the net worth of Alix Klineman?

The net worth of Alix Klineman is Around $1 million.

What is the salary of Alix Klineman?

The salary of Alix Klineman is Thousand dollar.