Alana Blanchard Age Wiki
33 Years
Full Name Alana Blanchard
Birthday Mar 5, 1990
Age 33 Years
Profession Surfer
Nationality American
Height 5 ft 6 in

About Alana Blanchard

Alana Rene Blanchard famed as Alana Blanchard is an American professional surfer and model. She has surfed on the ASP World Tour, though she has indicated she may take a break from competitive surfing in 2015. She also designs and models Rip Curl swimwear, particularly a line of wetsuits especially for surfing.Early Life of Alana

People Also Asked For

When was Alana Blanchard born?

Alana Blanchard was born on Mar 5, 1990.

How old is Alana Blanchard?

Alana Blanchard is 33 years old.

What is the birth name of Alana Blanchard?

Alana Blanchard birth name is Alana Rene Blanchard.

Where was Alana Blanchard born?

Alana Blanchard was born in Kauai, Hawaii.

Who is the father of Alana Blanchard?

The father of Alana Blanchard is Holt Blanchard.

Who is the mother of Alana Blanchard?

The mother of Alana Blanchard is Cydney Blanchard.

What is the net worth of Alana Blanchard?

The net worth of Alana Blanchard is $2 Million.

What is the salary of Alana Blanchard?

The salary of Alana Blanchard is Will Add Soon.