Al Sharpton Age Wiki
68 Years
Full Name Al Sharpton
Birthday Oct 3, 1954
Age 68 Years
Profession TV Host
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 10 inches

About Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton is an outspoken preacher and civil right activist who is famous for leading the fight against racial prejudice and injustice in the United States of America. Some describe him as a controversial, racial arsonist and his critics opine he is a political activist who should be held responsible for the deterioration of race

People Also Asked For

When was Al Sharpton born?

Al Sharpton was born on Oct 3, 1954.

How old is Al Sharpton?

Al Sharpton is 68 years old.

What is the birth name of Al Sharpton?

Al Sharpton birth name is Alfred Charles Sharpton Jr.

Where was Al Sharpton born?

Al Sharpton was born in Brooklyn, New York City.

Who is the father of Al Sharpton?

The father of Al Sharpton is Alfred Charles Sharpton Sr..

Who is the mother of Al Sharpton?

The mother of Al Sharpton is Ada Sharpton.

What is the color of Al Sharpton's eye?

Al Sharpton eye color is Dark Brown.

What is the color of Al Sharpton's hair?

Al Sharpton hair color is Gray.

What is the net worth of Al Sharpton?

The net worth of Al Sharpton is $5 Million.

What is the salary of Al Sharpton?

The salary of Al Sharpton is $241,000 annually.