Al Michaels Age Wiki
78 Years
Full Name Al Michaels
Birthday Nov 12, 1944
Age 78 Years
Profession Refree
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 10 inches

About Al Michaels

An American television sportscaster, Now employed by NBC Sports after nearly three decades (1977–2006) with ABC Sports, Al Michaels is known for his many years calling play-by-play of National Football League games, including nearly two decades with ABC's Monday Night Football and over a decade with NBC Sunday Night Football. He is also known for

People Also Asked For

When was Al Michaels born?

Al Michaels was born on Nov 12, 1944.

How old is Al Michaels?

Al Michaels is 78 years old.

What is the birth name of Al Michaels?

Al Michaels birth name is Alan Richard Michaels .

Where was Al Michaels born?

Al Michaels was born in Brooklyn, New York City.

Who is the father of Al Michaels?

The father of Al Michaels is Leonard Michaels.

Who is the mother of Al Michaels?

The mother of Al Michaels is Lila Roginsky.

What is the color of Al Michaels's eye?

Al Michaels eye color is Dark Brown.

What is the color of Al Michaels's hair?

Al Michaels hair color is Light Brown.

What is the net worth of Al Michaels?

The net worth of Al Michaels is $20 Million.

What is the salary of Al Michaels?

The salary of Al Michaels is $6 Million (Annually).